Building Management System (BMS)

We offer high quality German designed & manufactured BMS with unique special features.

These features include but are not limited to:

  • High availability with redundancy using automatic uninteruppted takeover as well as closed loop communication

  • IoT platform solution available instead of conventional on-site workstation allowing remote monitoring and troubleshooting/maintenance.

Energy Efficiency Improvement

up to 50% reduction in your utility bills

Pro Building Suite - Digital Twin

Cloud-Based Digital Twin for analytics and dashboards

Highlights & Features

IoT & Cloud Ready

Ready to use BMS Cloud Platform and the Digital Twin IoT Suite.

Controllers with Built-in Webservers

Effortlessly generate and explore dashboards, reports, graphics, trends and operator cockpits right in your web browser.

Made in Germany

Guaranteed high quality and durability through production at Deos's innovative SMD production line.

IP based controllers

Offering IP based BACnet controllers with latest IT secuirty & secure connect certifications.

Digital twin

Get a digital replica of your physical building with our IoT Suite and benefit from analytics & dashboards.

Modern 3D Graphics

We offer the latest high quality 3D graphics to meet the market standard requirements of consultants & prestigious end-users.

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